Titan Black Elite Bumper Plates Review (After 6 Months)

Titan Black Elite Bumper Review

During the summer of 2020 I was in a desperate search for bumper plates. Any bumper plates. It was a crazy time to be searching for lifting equipment.

I happened to get lucky and got an order in for a pair of 25lb Titan Black Elite Bumper Plates. I normally would never buy bumper plates in pounds instead of kilos, but I needed weight and I needed it asap.

Unfortunately, my plates didn’t show up until around two months later. (I’ve since had great experiences with Titan’s shipping) In the meantime, I had scored a pair of Sorinex Bumpers that gave me the weight I needed to be able to Squat and Deadlift so the Titan Bumpers stayed in the box for awhile.

I decided to finally break them out and give them a go. I’ve been training with them now for a few weeks now. I’ve used them for a lot of Warmup Complexes that include exercises like muscle snatches, cleans, presses, overhead squats and snatch balances.

In this article I’m going to share with you my experience with them thus far, what I’ve liked and what I’ve not. I’ll also supply you with as much research info as I was able to get my hands on. Finally, I’ll try to answer the ultimate question: Are they worth buying?

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Titan Elite Black Bumper Plates Specs
Diameter 450 mm / 17.75 in
Width 1.375 in
Collar Opening 50.6mm
Insert Type Chrome Plate Steel Disc
Durometer Rating Titan doesn’t give the durometer rating for these plates, but it has to be high. I’d say at least 90 based upon how low the bounce is on these plates.
Titan and Uesaka Plate Width Comparison
Side by side looking at the width of the Titan and Uesaka plates. Titan has a width of 34.925mm (1.375 inches), about two mm thinner than the Uesaka (36.80mm)

Titan Black Elite Bumper Plates Review


For what they are, I think they’re a great bumper. I know that comes off sounding like an incredibly backhanded compliment so let me explain.

My other set of “Greens” are 10kg Uesaka Pro Series Bumpers. At the school we have Uesaka Training Bumpers. So, that is my current comparison points. Not exactly fair to these Titan Bumpers considering I think Uesaka makes the best bumpers on the planet. That’s also not to mention that there is over a $200 difference between these bumpers and my Uesakas.

However, for what they are – budget friendly bumper plates designed for the casual lifter that likes to incorporate some Olympic Lifting and/or CrossFit workouts into their training program – they’re great.

They’re balanced and rotate well. Their bounce (which I’ll talk about much more in depth in a minute) is very low which takes a little getting used to at first, but is fine. The final piece is how durable they end up being which I won’t truly know until they break down, which hopefully won’t be any time soon.

Update: I’ve now been lifting with these plates for about six months now. They have held up great so far. They still look and perform as well today as they did the first day out of the box. I’m still super happy with the purchase.


The most startling aspect of these bumpers is the low bounce. In fact, these bumpers barely bounce at all.

Like I said at the beginning, it had been awhile since I had actually purchased these bumpers. My first thought was I must have bought Urethane plates. I’ve never trained with Urethane plates, but I’ve always read they have a really low bounce. I assumed that’s what these Titans must be because I’ve never lifted with plates that have low bounce like these.

Turns out they’re not Urethane, they’re just constructed to have a really low bounce. It does take a minute to get used to, but after a couple lifts it wasn’t an issue.

Balance and Rotation

The plates are well balanced and have pretty good rotation. They definitely do not feel like ‘dead weight’ on the bar like another pair of budget bumpers that I have.

Titan vs Uesaka Bumper Plate
Side by side of the Titan 25lb Bumper and the Uesaka 10kg Bumper. Center hub is slightly bigger on the Titan, but not a big difference in appearance overall (minus the branding of course). One thing is for sure, it’s definitely a good looking plate.

To be completely honest, here is the truth. If you’ve never trained on high end elite bumper plates with a high end Olympic barbell, then you’ll never even notice the areas where these plates are lacking. I know that may come off as sounding some type of way, but it’s just the truth.

It’s true with most things. If I’ve never driven a Ferrari, I can’t compare it to my Mustang which in some ways is probably a good thing.


It’s hard (Impossible really if we’re being honest) to speak on the durability of a plate after only using them for a few weeks. However, these plates do seem pretty well made and feel like they should hope up well over the long haul. Time will tell.


I paid $159.99 for my pair of 25s. How does that compare to other ‘budget-friendly’ plates? Here are the Titan bumpers compared to two very similar comps. They are close to the same price point, steel disc center hubs and a high durometer rating (A high durometer rating means the plates have a low bounce.)

The Titan and Rogue bumpers are predominantly black with slight colorings while the Rep Fitness is a full color plate.

Brand Plate Price More Info/Purchase
Titan Elite Black Bumper Plates $159.99*/pair Visit TitanOpens in a new tab.
Rogue Black Training LB Plates $189.00/pair Visit RogueOpens in a new tab.
Rep Fitness Competition Bumper Plates $125.00/pair Visit Rep FitnessOpens in a new tab.

*Don’t forget to take into consideration Titan always offers free shipping.


Was my shipping experience with these Titan Bumpers subpar? Yes, no doubt. I had to contact Titan 6 weeks after I ordered to check on my order. At that point I was told my item had gone on backorder and would be shipping soon. In their defense, I was offered a refund at that time if I wanted.

My plates finally showed up about two weeks later, making it about 8 weeks total from order to doorstep.

However, I gave Titan another shot when I ordered a wall mounted pull-up bar. The shipping that time was excellent. My item shipped the next day it was on my doorstep only a couple days later.

Finally, and most impressively, Titan ships everything for free. Everything. Every day. It doesn’t matter how much you buy or how big the item is. It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve come across when it comes to buying equipment for a garage gym.

So while this shipping experience with Titan wasn’t the best, I’ve become a big fan of their shipping overall.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a casual lifter that wants a pair of bumpers to do some CrossFit workouts or you like to incorporate Olympic Lifts into your Strength Training, but you don’t want to break the bank, these Titan Elite Bumpers are a great solution.

Or perhaps you’re just getting into Olympic Lifting and you want to give it a go for a bit before you make a big financial commitment. I’d recommend these plates for that purpose as well.

The plates are well made and for the price (especially with free shipping) they are a really good budget friendly plate option.

Stay Strong!

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