How to Hang Gym Rings at Home (5 Different Solutions)

How to Hang Gym Rings at Home

Gym Rings are a cool addition to any garage or home gym. They just provide so much versatility and variety to your workout options. From pull-ups to dips to inverted rows, you’re really only limited by your creativity.

If you’re going to get rings though, you have to figure out where (and how) you’re going to hang them.

So, what is the best way how to hang gym rings at home?

The most common way to hang gym rings at home is to hang them from the ceiling. If you are able to to, hanging them from the ceiling in your garage or workout room is the most optimal way to do so. However, many situations, such as renting in an apartment make this impossible.

Fortunately, hanging rings from the ceiling isn’t the only way to setup them up for at home workouts. In fact, there are multiple different options that will get the job done.

Depending on your living situation and resources, any one of the five could end up being the best fit for you.

How to Hang Gym Rings at Home

Let’s start with the first option I’ve already been mentioning –

Hang Gym Rings from your Ceiling

Hanging Gym Rings from your ceiling is probably the most well known way to hang rings at home.

If you’re really lucky, you may have exposed rafters in your garage. If they are able to support you, then using those rafters is really the best overall option in my opinion.

There are a lot of positives from hanging your rings from the ceiling. Hanging them from a permanent spot on your ceiling allows you to choose exactly where you want them. You don’t have to worry about other things being in the way or setting them up outside somewhere every time you want to use them.

This also means that you can hang them in a spot that gives you plenty of room to do a full variety of exercises. Some exercises like RFE Split Squats with your foot in a ring or ring pushups with the rings lowered down low demands quite a bit of space. If you’re planning on doing muscle-ups at all, that’s another exercise that requires room to work.

Still, it’s not the best option for everybody.

First off, if you live in an apartment, drilling holes in your ceiling may not be something you have any interest in doing and I don’t blame you. Secondly, depending on the construction of your ceiling (I’m not going to start pretending I’m a home construction expert) it may not be wise to try to hang rings from the ceiling.

If hanging your rings from the ceiling isn’t a good option for you, let’s look at some other ways you can get the job done.

Hang Gym Rings from your Pull-Up Bar

If you have the right setup, hanging your rings from a pull-up bar can be an even better solution than hanging them from your ceiling.

For starters, no drilling holes in the ceiling. No drilling holes in anything actually. Just loop your rings over the bar and you’re done.

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Here is my wall mounted pull up bar. Hanging my rings off here is a quick and easy solution for almost all ring movements.

Hanging them from a pull-up bar is perfect if you have a rack that already has a pull-up bar built in and is a sufficient height. Also, if you have a wall-mounted pull-up bar like I have then looping your rings over is a simple way to set them up.

There are really only a few drawbacks to keep in mind if you’re going to use a pull-up bar to hang your rings from. If you have a shorter rack (and especially if you’re a taller person) you may feel a little limited in your range of motion.

Muscle ups falls into this category. You’re hang below the rings could be a little tight and then having a bar above you as you’re trying to press yourself up is obviously less than ideal.

Finally, make sure that your rack is STABLE. You never want to hang your rings from anything that is not solid and sturdy.

If you don’t have a pull-up bar available, let’s think outside the box and get a little creative.

Hang Gym Rings from your Deck

Have a deck? Looping your rings through the planks in your deck can be a great option.

Admittedly, there are a bunch of reasons why this may not work for you. Most importantly, you have to have a deck. Using your neighbors deck will probably be frowned upon by, you know, most of civilized society.

If you’re deck is too high off the ground it can make many exercises difficult. Pull-ups may still be a go, but you may not have enough strap for things like dips and pushups.

You also need room to be able to thread your straps through the deck. If the boards are tight, this might be not be possible.

Finally, if your deck jumps all those hurdles you still are going to have to set them up and take them down each time you use them so they aren’t left out in the weather. A minor inconvenience sure, but an inconvenience nonetheless.

I know I didn’t exactly paint a pretty picture on the whole, hanging rings from your deck scenario, but if your deck works for you it can actually be one of the most enjoyable setups to use. You get to work out outside and the shade of the deck itself will usually keep you out of the sun.

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about working out outside sometimes that is really awesome.

No deck? No problem. I’ve still got two more solutions for you.

Hang Gym Rings from a Swingset

This category should really be, “Hang your Rings from your Kid’s Stuff.” It can include a swingset, jungle gym, monkey bars, etc. Really any piece of equipment that has a horizontal bar or frame.

Gym Rings on a Swingset
The perfect piece of equipment for hanging your gym rings may be right in your backyard.

Now, I’m going to state the obvious thing out loud. Make sure that whatever you try to hang your rings from is made to be able to hold you. And not just hold your weight, but hold your weight and the amount of force you create while swinging and doing pullups.

Destroying your child’s swingset is not going to make anyone happy.

How do you know if your swingset or other backyard object will hold you? Here is the rule I go by – If I’m not sure, the answer is no.

Don’t have anything in your backyard? Many parks are good places to find some workout poles set upOpens in a new tab.. You’ve probably noticed those pull-up and dip bars at your park a hundred times and always wondered who actually used them. Now it could be you.

And now we’re down to my final way to hang rings at home:

Hanging Gym Rings from a Tree

Finally you could always channel your inner minimalist and hang your gym rings from a tree branch.

Remember a few seconds ago when I said you should make sure whatever you try to hang your rings on should be able to hold you? This is in full effect when it comes to using a tree as well.

But, if you have a solid tree branch that is a good height and somewhat horizontal, they can make a great frame to hang your gym rings.

Something to keep in mind, not just with a tree branch, but with any object your hanging from – make sure that object is smooth. A tree branch, board or beam that has a rough surface or sharp edges can wear out your strap and eventually cut through it. Not good.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been putting off getting some gym rings cause you’re not sure how you’d hang them, hopefully this article has given you an idea or two on how to hang gym rings at home.

Not everyone is able to (or even wants to) install rings from the ceiling. The good news is you don’t have. Use the resources you have available to you to figure out another way.

Just be sure (yes I’m going to mention this one last time) that whatever you decide to hang your rings from is able to hold you.

Stay Strong!

Ryan H

My name is Ryan Horton and I've spent the last 18 years as a Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coach and am currently the Director of Sports Science with Georgia Tech Football. I've always set up workout areas at home everywhere we've lived, but now I have a garage and I'm going all out.

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